Thursday, August 25, 2011


I used a gorgeous kit called "Toasted Almond" by MoodyDesignz available@Creative Mindz Unleashed HERE

Mask 81 is by Vaybs HERE

Template FTU is by Tracy HERE

Dotted Sparkle animation is by Missy@DivineIntentionz HERE


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I have always had a helluva time getting parts of a poser into frame squares properly, such as what I did in this tag.  Luckily I came across Tutorial By Vaybs HERE where she explained in one of her tuts how to do this effectively.  Mind you, I am not repeating anything from her tutorial in any way, but am explaining in my own words for those of you who do not have much working knowledge of PSP (I've been PSP'ing for almost 3 years and am just now learning how to do this!)  Thank you Vaybs!!  Please see her site for fabulous designs, tuts and tips.

Choose the background of the square you want to fill

Take your Magic Wand and click inside - you'll see marching ants -- Vaybs suggests expanding this selection by 2, but I forgot and didn't do it for this tag LOL (but it does look better expanded)

Copy your poser on as a New Layer and move it over your square or frame

Move your tube over the square (you will see the marching ants over the tube) until you position how you want it -- the marching ants will guide you as to what tube part will be in the square

On your layer palette right click your tube layer and choose "Promote Selection To Layer"

Now you will see that your poser part in is your square, but you also still have the poser in full tact to use for your other squares - use your Move tool to move your poser away to finish all your squares

Go to Selections>Select None to get rid of the marching ants and repeat the steps to finish all of your frame squares

Her tutorial site also has great suggestions on different blends to use on your posers for different effects

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