Sunday, August 28, 2011


This one is based on a tutorial by Vaybs using her Black and White FTU kit.  You can find her tut HERE

Poser is by Paulina - her beautiful tubes can be found HERE



There are 2 ways to duplicate a particular layer in order to prepare it for animation - the first is to go to the Layer Palette and duplicate the layer to be animated, or for newbies and for those who confuse easily (I am talking about me in particular LOL) you can prepare your animation on the layer it is to be animated (such as the freehand drawing I did on the above heart glitter with the freehand draw tool) and then go up to Window>Duplicate so you will have copies of the whole tag with your element ready for animation instead of layer copies in your Layer Palette.  I like to do it both ways, depending on how tired I am!
Whatever works for you!!!

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