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This tut was written especially for those not that familiar with PSP - I would appreciate your comments so I can improve on future tutorials!

If you don't have Eye Candy Nature Fire on PSP, there is a simple alternative to animate fire in a fireplace or on a candle.  

Here I've used one of my FTU Fireplaces that is available on this blog HERE

I use PSP 8 but any version will work

First bring up your fireplace in PSP, duplicate and delete the original, then duplicate your copy 2 times so you have 3 copies total

On the left sidebar in PSP select your Smudge brush

At the top of your screen you will want to make these selections: Shape: Circle, Size: 17, Hardness: 50, Step: 25, Density: 55, Thickness: 51, Opacity: 100

Open Animation Shop and minimize for now

Back in PSP, take your Smudge brush and carefully make small up and down movements on your fire (always smudge in the direction of the fire itself to look realistic) - be careful not to smudge the fire grate or else it will look warped! You only need to smudge up and down in one area about 2 times

Right click, copy, then Paste As New Animation in AS

Back in PSP, minimize your first copy you just smudged (just in case you need to Undo if a mistake is made!) and do the same step as above on the fire on your second copy

Right click, copy and Paste After Current Frame in AS

Again, go to PSP, minimize your second copy, and smudge the fire on your third copy

Right click, copy and Paste After Current Frame in AS

You now have a total of 3 frames in AS

Go to the top of your AS screen and select Animation>View

If it looks the way you want it to, save it

If the fire does not animate to your satisfaction, just delete your copies in AS and start over in PSP with your minimized copies (hit Undo on each copy to undo your original smudge); I found it took just a little bit of practice in order to have a good animation with fire, but with a little practice it really is easy!

You can use this same technique to animate water and waterfalls; just be sure and smudge in the direction the water is to go to make it look realistic!

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