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My tube of choice is by Liwanag - you need a license to use this art at PTE

FTU kits:  I used elements from 2 different kits:
Staciecakes "Spa Christmas" HERE
Fantasy Moments "Merry X-Mas" HERE
Parts of the background, deer & lampost are from RomiPoser HERE


I use PSP Version 8 but any version will work
You will need to use Animation Shop


I had not planned on writing a tutorial for this one, but would like to give you a quick tip for those of you who may be interested in knowing how I animated behind the tube and tag frame.

**I wrote this especially for PSP Newbies**

Open a transparent image sized 700 x 700

Make your background with elements of your choice

In PSP place the elements and tube on the background how ever you want it to look

On the Layer Palette (LP) click on New Raster and make sure this new layer is at the very top of your LP

Use your color picker and choose a color you want your frame to be; I used the bright pink from the tube

Go to the top and Select All (make sure your new raster is active in LP)

Flood fill with your color; this will cover your entire tag

Go up to Selections>Modify>Contract by 5

Hit Delete - this will get rid of the color on the tag except for the area around tag for the frame

Go up to Selections>Invert

Add a drop shadow

Go up to Selections>Select None

Place your copyright, credits and any text on your tag

In LP hide the tube, the frame, and all text
(To hide you click on the eyeball)

Merge Visible - this will merge your background and elements

Rename this merged layer "Background"

Now hide your "Background" layer and un-hide your tube, frame, and all text
(To un-hide click on the eyeball so there is no X on it)

Making sure your previous merged layer is hidden, Merge Visible
(This will merge your tube, frame and text)

Rename this "Tube & Frame"

You now have 2 merged layers in your LP

Open snow animation in AS
The snow has 4 frames total

Back in PSP, hide the second merged layer "Tube & Frame"

Un-hide your first merged layer "Background" and make this layer active in LP

Making sure "Background" layer is active right click on tag and choose "Copy"

Paste as new animation in AS

Go up to Edit>Paste After Current Frame until you have 4 copies of your tag
(You can see how many frames you have at the bottom right corner of screen)

Go to Edit>Select All on your tag and make sure the scroll bar at the bottom of the tag is all the way to the left

Go up to Edit>Propogate Paste

Go to your snow animation and Edit>Select All

With your mouse drag the first frame of your snow animation to your tag, carefully placing it; when you let go of the mouse, all 4 frames of the snow should be on all 4 frames of your tag

Back in PSP you will now hide the first merged layer "Background" and un-hide your second merged layer "Tube & Frame"

While the "Tube & Frame" layer is active, right click on tag and "Copy"

Paste as New Animation in AS

Go up to Edit>Paste After Current Frame until you have 4 copies of your tube, frame & text

Again, you will go up to Edit>Select All and make sure the scroll bar is all the way to the left

Go back to your tag and Edit>Select All with scroll bar all the way to the left

Still on your tag go up to Edit>Propogate Paste

With your mouse you are going to now paste your tube, frame, text layer onto the tag by dragging it carefully and placing on the tag
(If you mess up, you can undo and try again)

You should now have all 4 frames of your tube, frame and text onto the tag over the animated snow

Go up to View Animation and see if it looks OK

If you make a mistake, it's alright; just undo until you can start over! Registered & Protected

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