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Now that I am a new proud CT member of Bibi's Collection, I made this animated tag using her brand new PTU kit called "Happy 2012"
It's a fab kit with lots of unique elements - I love this kit!!

Happy 2012 Mine

Tube of choice by VeryMany at Pics For Design HERE
You must have a license to use PFD tubes

PTU Kit "Happy 2012" by Bibi and is available HERE

Template is from Creationz By Jo HERE

You will need to animate using Alien Skin Xenofex 2 Constellation
You do not need to animate if you wish not to

Xero Porcelain was used on my tube but this is optional

I use Paint Shop Pro 8 but any version will work


Let's get started!!

Open your template, copy and close the original - delete the credits layer - keep your white background 

**Add drop shadows as you go along**

Open Paper 4 

Click on all the blue parts of the template and do the following for each blue layer:

Selections>Select All>Float>Defloat>Modify>Expand by 3

Copy Paper 4 and on your tag Paste Into Selection>Select None

After repeating this step to all your blue layers, now we will go to the large black circle!

Open Paper 1

Click on your template's large black circle

Selections>Select All>Float>Defloat>Modify>Contract by 5>Copy your Paper 1 and Paste Into Selection>Select None

Repeat this step for the large black rectangle

Open Paper 2

Small rectangle - repeat the above steps (as for the large black circle) to fill your small rectangle with Paper 2

Now we will fill your small rectangle with a close up of your tube!

Click on small rectangle border, take your Magic Wand and click on the inside of the BORDER to have marching ants inside your rectangle

Take your tube, copy and Paste As New Layer on your tag
**I used a close up copy of my tube**

Position your tube over the marching ants until you are happy with what will be showing in the rectangle

Go to your Layer Palette (LP) and click on the poser tube layer then right click and choose Promote Selection To Layer

You now have your close up in your small rectangle

Move your tube away from the rectangle and you will see your close up in the rectangle and your whole tube is still intact!

Delete the tube unless this is the tube you will be using on your tag - if so, place your tube to the left as I did on my tag

In your LP with your new Promoted Selection active, go up to Layers>Properties>Luminance Legacy - your close up tube will now be the same color as the background

Open the pink round frame from the kit and copy

Click on the large circle on your template and then Selections>Select All>Float>Defloat>Modify>Contract by 5

Add a new Raster Layer in your LP ABOVE the large circle layer 

While this new Raster Layer is active, Paste your frame Into Selection - add a drop shadow

Open Element 52 and copy and paste onto the large rectangle and move the element under the small square - add drop shadow

Place your tube and other elements on your tag as shown on my tag - place the disco ball behind your tube as shown

Open Element 14 and copy and paste behind the whole template (these are the pink circles as shown on my tag) - position the element to the left, then duplicate this layer 3 more times and position all around the tag under the template as shown on mine - add drop shadows

I used the plugin Xero Porcelain on my tube to have a nice effect but this is optional!!

Since we're going to animate, make sure the bottom background layer is open - it is a white background

In your LP at the very top add a new Raster Layer

Take your Color Dropper and choose a pink from your tag

On this new Raster Layer, flood fill your tag with the pink color

Go up to Selections>Select All>Modify>Contract by 5>hit Delete on your keyboard>Selections>Invert
You should now have marching ants around the pink border of your tag!!

Add a drop shadow with settings of 5 and 4, then add another drop shadow with settings of -5 and -4

Select None to get rid of those marching ants

Add Copyright and credits and any other text such as your name if desired


Click on your disco ball to make it active

Go to Alien Skin Xenofex 2 Constellation and use these settings:
45 Twinkle Rotation
Keep Original Image needs to be checked!
Click OK

You'll see sparkles on your ball - if you see any stray sparkles on the outside of the ball use your eraser to get rid of them 

Right click on your tag and Copy Merged and Paste As New Animation in Animation Shop (AS)

Go back to PSP and click the Undo circle at the top of the screen so your sparkles are gone

Go back to Constellation and click the Random Seed button

Again, any stray sparkles around the outside of the ball need to be erased!!

Right click, Copy Merged, and in AS click Edit>Paste After Current Frame

Go back to PSP, Undo again, go to Constellation and click the Random Seed Button again

Right click, Save Merged and in AS Edit>Paste After Current Frame

You now have 3 frames total of your tag in AS

View Animation and if you're happy with it Save!!

If something doesn't look right, you can always delete the frames from AS and go back to PSP, Undo and start over!!

Thank you for reading my tut - I hope you found this to be useful and I would love to see your results!! Registered & Protected

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