Friday, December 2, 2011


**All my tags are copyrighted and watermarked** Registered & Protected

Both tubes of choice are by Zlata_M - you need a license to use her work and is available at Pics For Design HERE
Lady tube is called The Duchess - Christmas clothes are separate purchase
Santa Hot Guy is a loyalty gift from Zlata and Pics For Design

FTU kit is "To The North Pole" by Vaybs HERE

FTU white Angora kitten is from Sandy's Design HERE

FTU gifts with teddies are from Creddy Bears HERE

Mask used:  SD Mask 18 (am not sure where this mask came from-if anyone knows please let me know so I can credit)

Plugin used:  Alien Skin Xenofex 2 Constellation
You will need to use Animation Shop



This is just a mini tutorial as I did not write down all the steps I did while making this tag!


The Santa Hot Guy was duplicated once; original layer I used Gaussian Blur at setting of 2 then the copy on top I used Soft Light

After making the tag, I put a background under all layers using a paper from Vayb's kit

I then made a frame by adding a raster layer on top of all layers, flood filled with a green color from the tag, then went up to Selections>Select All>Modify>Contract by 5 - Delete on keyboard - Selection None

In Layer Palette (LP) click on Tree layer - rename your layer to avoid confusion if you wish - I always do LOL

Duplicate the Tree layer 2 times in LP - you now have 3 Tree layers total

The trick will be to animate each Tree layer separately - here's what you do: 

Make the first copy of your Tree active in LP and hide the other 2 Tree layers
(Hide by clicking on the eyeball)

Go to your Alien Skin Xenofex 2 and choose Constellation at these settings:
2.50  89  1  5  100  75  45 Twinkle Rotation
**Make sure you also select "Keep Original Image" so your tree will not be changed in appearance**

Click Ok

Back to your tag you now want to hide the first Tree layer you just used and un-hide the second Tree layer

Use your Constellation on this Tree layer with the same settings as before, but now you will click "Random Seed" - this will change the area of the twinkles

Back to your tag you will now hide the second Tree layer and un-hide the third Tree layer

Repeat the above step with the Constellation changing the "Random Seed" again


You will go to LP and make sure only one Tree layer is active by hiding the other two

Right click on your tag and Copy Merged

Paste as New Animation in AS

Back in PSP hide the Tree layer you just copied and un-hide the second Tree layer
(You will in this whole process only be copying one Tree at a time by hiding 2 different trees each time)

Right click your tag and Copy Merged

Paste in AS by going up to Edit>Paste After Current Frame

Go back to PSP, hide the Tree layer you just copied and un-hide the third Tree layer

Right click your tag and copy merged

Paste in AS by going again to Edit>Paste After Current Frame

View your animation - if it is good, save and you're done!!

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