Monday, February 20, 2012


Kit used is a PTU called "Peace And Freedom" from Scrappers Delights HERE
Poser is by Misticheskaya available at Pics For Design HERE
**You must have a license to use their art**
Mask #3 is available at Tag With Lynn HERE

Alternate plugin for text is Eye Candy Impact Gradient Glow


Let's get started!!

Open a transparent image sized at 750 x 750

Selections>Select All

Open paper 1 and right click and Copy

On your transparent tag right click>Paste Into Selection

Selections>Select None

Use mask 3 from your dropdown Mask layer in your Layer Palette (LP)

In your LP Merge Group

Open paper 11 and right click and Copy

On your tag Selections>Select All

Add New Raster Layer under your Merged Group

Right click and Paste Into Selection on your tag.  Your paper should be UNDER your mask; if not, just position your layer in your LP until it is.  Select None

Open element E-9 (White Swirlies) and Paste As New Image UNDER your mask

In LP Duplicate this element, go up to Image>Mirror - you now have 2 on the left and right side under your mask as shown on my tag.  Add drop shadow to both elements.

Open element E-69 (Brown Flowers) and place on top right hand corner as shown on my tag - add drop shadow

Open the bird element and bird cage - resize bird and place under the cage

Copy and Paste As New Image onto your tag as shown - add drop shadow

Open bow element E-69, resize and place on top of birdcage chain as shown - add drop shadow

Open element E-52 (Sunray) and place as shown - add drop shadow

Poser tube - open and duplicate and close the original

Cross out all layers of tube in your LP except for the girl and angel wings
(To do this place an X on the eye of the layers you want crossed out)

In LP right click and Merge Visible

Resize the tube to 500 x 708 pixels

Go up to Image>Mirror, then place the tube as shown - add drop shadow

Make sure your Sunray is positioned under her head for the best effect

Open cloud element E-12 and Paste As New Image.  In your LP reposition the cloud layer so it is under the bird cage - add drop shadow

Open Butterfly element E-21, resize a little smaller and place at bottom of bird cage - add drop shadow

Open daisies and place as shown on the lower right corner of tag - add drop shadow

In your LP Duplicate your brown flowers - go up to Image>Mirror and place at the left corner of the tag as shown.  Add drop shadow

Place your credits, license #, etc.  If you have Eye Candy Impact use the Gradient Glow to highlight your text

I used Baroque Script for my name - again I used the Gradient Glow to highlight

You're done!!!!!!! Registered & Protected

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