Tuesday, March 13, 2012


PTU kit called Emolala Song by BiBi @ Bibi's Collection HERE

Tube by Alex Prihodko at PFD HERE
**You must have a license to use their tubes**

Mask 5 by Brutal Designs HERE

Template by LKD available HERE

PLUGINS:  Eye Candy Impact Gradient Glow

Let's start!!

**Remember to add drop shadows to all your elements as you go**

Open the template, duplicate and close the original - it is sized at 750 x 650

In Layer Palette (LP) cross out background, copyright and RAC text

Add a new Raster Layer above the crossed out background

Selections>Select All

Open Paper 3, copy and Paste Into Selection on tag>Select None

Apply Mask 5>Merge Group

Click on the Oval on template

Selections>Select All>Float>Defloat>Modify>Expand by 3

Open Paper 5, copy and Paste Into Selection on tag>Select None

Use Color Dropper and choose a pink color from your tag

Flood fill all 4 rectangles with the pink

One by one, we will now fill the rectangles with selections of your tube:

Select the first rectangle, Selections>Select All>Float>Defloat

Copy and Paste your tube onto the tag (Paste As New Layer)

Move your tube over the marching ants in your first rectangle until you have positioned the part of the tube you want placed in the rectangle (see my tag)

Go to your LP, Right Click on tube layer and choose Promote Selection To Layer

Selections>Select None

You will now be able to move your tube away from the rectangle and the piece of the tube you selected will be in your rectangle.  Keep your tube on the tag as you will be using it again to fill your other 3 rectangles.

Making sure your tube piece/rectangle is active, go up to Layers>Properties>  Luminance set at 63

Repeat these steps for the remaining 3 rectangles

Delete your full tube for now - we will resize and place later

Place elements where desired

Resize your tube smaller and place where desired

Take your template text "ADDICTED TO" and erase the word "TO"

Flood fill ADDICTED with the pink color you used previously

Use Eye Candy Impact Gradient Glow on your text with these settings:
Factory Settings
Outside Glow
Mask Selection checked
7.17  35  100  0  100  100

Also use the Gradient Glow on all 4 of your rectangles

In LP, add a new Raster Layer at the very bottom and above the crossed out background layer

Use your Color Dropper and select the purple color from your tube - flood fill your tag; this is your new background color

Back to your LP go all the way to the top layer and add a new Raster Layer - we will make a frame for your tag

With your new Raster Layer active, flood fill your tag with the pink you previously used - it will cover your whole tag

Go to Selections>Select All>Modify>Contract by 3>hit Delete on your keyboard>Select None

Put your copyright, credits and name on your tag - I like to use the Gradient Glow for this text also - it makes it stand out!

You are done!!!!!!

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