Monday, March 19, 2012


I had another request for a redheaded poser with this kit so I figured since I'm making all these Biker Babe tags I may as well do a tutorial while I'm at it!

PTU kit used is "Attitude Babe" by Bibi's Collection HERE

Poser is by VeryMany and available at Scraps and the City HERE
You must have a license to use SATC tubes

Mask 15 is by Lynn and is available at Tag With Lynn HERE

Let's get started!! 

Open a transparent image sized 750 x 750

Open Paper 1 and Copy
Keep this paper open as you will use it again 

On your tag go up to Selections>Select All

Paste paper Into Selection>Select None

Apply SWL Mask 15>Merge Group

Open Paper 3 and repeat the above steps to make a second layer mask
You should now have a black mask and a purple mask

Move the black Mask layer around as shown on mine so that it is covering only part of the purple mask

Now repeat the step again to make a third Mask layer with the purple Paper 1 - arrange this layer so it all blends in well as shown on mine
You should now have 3 Merged Groups in your Layer Palette (LP)

On each Merged Group layer, go up to Adjust>Add Noise at 50%
All 3 masks should have noise on them!!

Open your Posers - Duplicate then close the original

Select the full body poser and resize to 700 height>Mirror>Copy & Paste on tag placing it on the left as shown

Duplicate the poser in your LP

On the original layer of the poser go up to Adjust>Blur>Gaussian Blur at 2.00

On poser copy layer go up to Layers>Luminance at setting of 79

Now we will place the close up poser - we want to use the close up poser at it's original size so Undo your resizing until it is the original size

With closeup layer active on your LP, Copy and Paste onto your tag as shown

Open Frame element 6>Copy and Paste on tag and drag this layer below your closeup poser as shown

Carefully use your Eraser to get rid of the excess closeup poser hanging below the frame - look at mine for reference

Duplicate the closeup poser in your LP and apply the same special effects as you did previously on the full body poser

Open the Purple Bike element 122>Copy and Paste below full body tube

Use your eraser to get rid of both layers of her legs that are showing under the bike

Open the Black Glitter element 56 and place under the back wheel of the bike

Open the Hat element 58>Copy and Paste>Mirror>Deform Tool to fit on the full body poser

Open Zig Zag element 19 and place at right corner as shown - Duplicate>Miror and place this one next to the full body poser

Open Flower element 69 and place under Frame as shown

Open Sparkle element 67 and place next to full body poser and under Frame and Flower as shown

Open Stars element 83 and place above framed closeup poser as shown

Use and resize other elements that you wish to use - I used the glasses, the bomb, ciggies, boot and the winged heart - arrange as desired

Put in your copyright information and name, etc.
I used Eye Candy 5 Impact Gradient Glow on my text with settings at Factory Default, Outside Glow, 7.17  35  100  0  100  100

Save as a png image - you're done!!


I just simply used a black background, the Cloud, Circle element, and the Purple Bike elements.  I added a Star and used Eye Candy Impact Gradient Glow on the bike and my name

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