Sunday, March 25, 2012


Tubes are from the fabulous Zlata_M at PFD HERE
You must have a license to use their tubes

PTU kit is called "Mobsters" and is available at SATC HERE

Mask 224 is from WSL and you can grab it HERE

Red rug was made by me using Eye Candy 5 Texture Fur

I used Moonlight Shadow text with Eye Candy 5 Impact Gradient Glow



To make the rug, open a transparent image sized at 400 x 400

With the red color (I used #AA0414) at the bottom of your color palette and the top color transparent, use your Preshape Tool set on Eclipse and draw an oval

In your Layer Palette convert to a Raster Layer

Using Eye Candy 5 Textures Animal Fur - I used the Dalmation Fur Type with the red color as the base and black as the spot color with the below settings:
28   34   72   62   76

Now copy and paste onto your tag below the tubes and elements as shown


Open the filmstrip element and go up to Image>Rotate>Clockwise 90 degrees

Copy and Paste on your tag

With the filmstrip active in your Layer Palette, use your Magic Wand and click inside the first square and flood fill with a gradient of the red and black

Copy the close up of the tube and Copy and Paste As New Image on your tag - rearrange the tube over the marching ants in the square until you are happy with the part that you want to show

Go to your Layer Palette and right click the tube layer and select Promote Selection To Layer - now you will pull away your original tube and see that the poser part is in your square

Go up to Layers>Properties>Luminance Legacy
The gradient color under your tube will make the tube part look like different colors as shown on my tag

Select None

Now repeat the same steps for the other squares in the filmstrip

When you're finished, Delete the original tube

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