Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Kit used is called Never The Bride and is available at Scrap With Lynn HERE

Poser and Bride Clothing are separate purchases by Alex Prihodko at PFD HERE
You must have a license to use their art

Mask 15 available at Tag With Lynn HERE


Plugins:  Eye Candy 5 Texture Noise

**This tag is also available personalized - leave me a message under this post with the name you wish to have on it**

My Wedding Bliss

Let's get started!!

Don't forget to add drop shadows as you go along!

The poser tube and Wedding Gown are sold separately; I used the pink gown - just place on the poser, close out all layers except for the "Girl" and your "Gown" layer and Merge Visible

Open a new transparent image sized 750 x 750

Open Paper 4 and Copy

On tag go to Selections>Select All>Paste Into Selection

Now open Paper 8 and Copy

Add a new Raster Layer above Raster 1

Paste Into Selection>Select None

Apply Mask 15 to this new layer>Merge Group

Open Heart Frame, resize to 600 x 600 and place as shown

Resize your poser to 600 height - place as shown

Open NTB Tag 2, resize to 100 x 100 and place under Bride poser as shown

Open Butterfly 2, resize to 100 width - place as shown then use your Deform Tool to slant as shown

In Layer Palette (LP) Duplicate Butterfly>Image>Mirror

Duplicate your poser

On original poser layer, go up to Adjust>Blur>Gaussian Blur with setting of 2

On copy of poser layer, go up to Layers>Properties>Overlay with Opacity set at 56

Open Wine Bottle, resize at 315 height - place as shown using your Deform Tool to slant it

Open Wine Glass, resize to 159 height

Open Envelope, resize to 200 x 200 - use Deform Tool to slant and place as shown

Open Swirly Deco, resize to 450 width and place under heart frame

Open Bow 3, resize to 401 height - place on left of frame as shown - then Duplicate in LP>Image>Mirror

Open Flower 2, resize to 430 height - go up to Image>Rotate Clockwise 90 degrees - Copy and Paste on left side of tag under Wine Bottle and Circled Tag as shown

In LP Duplicate Flower 2, go up to Image>Mirror and place under Envelope

Open Leaves, resize to 250 width and place under Heart Frame - use your Eraser to get rid of excess leaves showing below the Bow

Open Bubbles that I supplied and randomly place as shown - you may want to Duplicate each Bubble cluster so they show up a little better; this is what I did

Add a new Raster Layer at the very top of LP

Open Paper 6 and Copy

On tag, go up to Selections>Select All>Paste Into Selection>Modify>Contract by 3, hit your Delete key>Select None - you now have a border around your tag

Place your copyright, name, etc.


Click on Mask Merged Group in your LP

Eye Candy 5 Texture Noise with the following settings:
Add noise to original image
50  30  30  0
Smooth Lumps
15.75  15.75

Click OK

Right click on tag>Copy Merged>Paste As New Animation in AS

Back in PSP, Undo, go to Effects>Texture Noise and just click Random Seed

Right click, Copy Merged>in AS click on Edit>Paste After Current Frame

Go back to PSP and Undo, hit Random Seed, and Paste After Current Frame in AS

You will now have 3 frames of your tag in AS

View Animation - if you're happy with it, Save at default settings!!

**I also used Eye Candy 5 Impact Gradient Glow for my text** Registered & Protected

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