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FTU tutorial - I actually used 2 free kits to make this tag - a few elements from both kits made an awesome dark tag with animated candles and fireplace.

Poser is by Alex Prihodko at Pics For Design HERE
You must have a license to use PFD art

FTU kit called "After Dark" on Scrap With Lynn HERE

A few additional elements from Vaybs' FTU kit called "Dark Xmas" HERE

Mask #84 available at WeeScotLass HERE


Plugin used (optional) is Eye Candy 5 Impact Glass

Black Beauty Mine

Let's get started!!
**Papers & Elements used are from Lynn's kit;  additional various Elements used from Vaybs' kit will be stated as DBV**

Some elements were re-sized smaller - and don't be afraid to use your Deform Tool also - I Deformed quite a lot on this tag!  Also remember to add Drop Shadows on elements as you go along

Open a transparent image sized at 750 x 750 and Select All

Open Paper 14 Copy and Paste Into Selection

On Layer Palette (LP) Add A New Raster Layer above the background

Open Paper12, Copy and Paste Into Selection>Select None

Apply Mask 84>Merge Group in LP

Open Window 2 element, re-size and place as shown

Open Fireplace element, re-size and place under Window as shown

Open Bow1, re-size and place in center of Window

Open Brad 1, re-size and place on left side of Fireplace as shown - Duplicate and place copy on front of Fireplace on right side as shown

Open Books element, re-size and place on Fireplace

Open Chair element from DBV kit, Mirror image and place as shown

Open Clock element from DBV kit, re-size and place on Fireplace

Open Pillow element from DBV kit and place on Chair as shown

Open your Poser, Duplicate and close the original - re-size and place as shown

Open Frame 2 element from DBV kit, place above Chair as shown - use your Deform Tool to adjust to the size and shape you want

**Let's make your Frame into a Mirror**
Use your Magic Wand with Frame active and click inside the frame

Go up to Selections>Modify>Expand by 4

Use Eye Candy 5 Impact Glass at the below settings to add glass inside frame:
Default, 25.00  30.00  0  Inside Selection  grey glass  0  0  50  75  75  15.00  20

Select None

Open Element 22 from DBV kit, re-size and place on Mirror as shown

Open the rug I supplied and place under the Poser and Chair as shown

Use your Color Dropper and choose the blue from your tag

On your LP, Add A New Raster Layer at the very top of your layers

Flood fill your tag with the blue

Selections>Select All>Modify>Contract by 3>Hit "Delete" key on your keyboard>Selections>Invert>Adjust>Add Noise>Add Drop Shadow at settings of -5 and -4 (color black) and repeat with settings of 5 and 4>Select None

Add Copyright information and place your name on the Mirror


Open Animation Shop (AS)

In PSP Duplicate your tag 2 times; you will have a total of 3 tags

On the first tag click on the Fireplace and using your Smudge Brush at a small size, gently smudge up and down just a couple of times on the candle flames and the fire in the Fireplace; smudge in the direction of the flame - be careful not to smudge the FP grate or else it will turn out blurry

Click on the other candle in the Window and smudge the flame

Right click on your tag and Copy Merged

In AS, Paste As New Animation

Back in PSP, minimize the tag you just smudged and repeat for the second tag - making sure the flame you want animated is active on your LP

Again right click and Copy Merged - in AS you will go up to Edit>Paste After Current Frame

Back in PSP minimize the second tag you just worked on and repeat the above steps with the third tag - Copy Merged and Paste After Current Frame in AS

You will now have 3 frames in AS - View Animation

If you're happy with it, save it!!

If something happens that a mistake was made with the animation, simply go back to PSP and Undo the smudges on all 3 copies of your tag and start over

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