Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Poser is from Keith Garvey and is available at PTE HERE
You must have a license to use his art

FTU kit "Colorful Easter" from Zirconium Scraps HERE

Template 204 at Denz Designz HERE

Angora Kitten freebie from Sandys Designs HERE

FTU Smoky Mask 01 from Vaybs HERE

**Text, bow, star, bird and mouse are supplied by me - download HERE**

Plugin used is Eye Candy Impact Gradient Glow on text - this is optional

**Apply drop shadows as you go**

Open your template; Duplicate and delete the original.  Delete the credits.

Open Paper 9 from the kit and Copy - you are going to place the paper on the circles and rectangles on the template as shown on my tag.  For each of these template shapes you will do the following:

Click on template shape

Go up to Selections>Select All>Float>Defloat>Add a New Raster Layer in your Layer Palette (LP)>Paste Into Selection>Select None

Do the above steps for each of your template shapes as shown on mine
You can delete the original template layer; most designers do, sometimes I do not because I forget LOL -- if you don't delete, it's OK!!

On the Aqua colored template parts, click on each one to make it active, go up to Effects>Texture Effects>Blinds at settings of Width 3  Opacity 32  Color White

With your Color Picker choose a light pink from your Poser and floodfill the black sections of the template.  Apply the Blinds effects as you did in the above steps.

In your LP go all the way to the bottom and choose Background Layer - it is already transparent.  Go up to Selections>Select All and Paste Into Selection a copy of the same Paper 9 you used previously.

Apply the Smoky Mask>Merge Group

Now we will put a close up of your tube into the semi-circle section of your template

Click on the aqua semi-circle to make it active, go up to Selections>Float>Defloat
You will see the marching ants 

Copy your close up of the tube and Paste As New Image onto your tag making sure the close up is above everything else as the top layer

Position the close up over the marching ants until you have it placed where you want it -- whatever is in the marching ants will be what is placed inside

Go to your LP, right click on the Poser close up and choose "Promote Selection To Layer" then pull away your tube leaving the Poser part in the semi circle

Delete your Poser - to get rid of the marching ants go to Selection>Select None
You now have your Poser part in the semi circle

In your LP drag the Promoted Selection layer so it is below the small circle and large rectangle

Click on the close up and go to Layer>Properties>Luminance Legacy at 50

Now you will place your elements from the kit on your tag - most of the elements need to be resized smaller and do not be afraid to use the Deform tool if you need to!

Open the elements I supplied you and place - I do lots of dragging the layers up and down in the LP - experiment with your elements until you are happy

Place your Copyright information, name, and DAYDREAM text

Save as a png ---

You're done!!!!

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