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Tube of choice is by Alehandra Vanhek at Pics For Designs HERE

PTU kit is called "DJ Love" by Bibi's Collection and is also available at PFD or go to her blog to see other shops she sells in HERE

Template 24 by Lacarolita Designz HERE

Mask 38 by WeeScotLass HERE

Plugin used is Eye Candy 5 Impact Gradient Glow for the text

Let's get started!!

Open your Template, Duplicate and close the original

First we're gonna work on the Template - it is sized at 650 x 650 but we will later place the finished Template on a transparent image that will be larger

On the Record, apply Blinds Effect by going to Effects>Texture Effects>Blinds and use settings of Width 3, Opacity 32, Color white

Open Paper 3 and Copy
We'll use this paper for the Template's Record Center, Record Border, Square Borders and the Large Star

To apply the Paper to all of these Template shapes, click on the element you want to place the paper in, go up to Selections>Select All>Float>Defloat>Add New Raster Layer in Layer Palette (LP)>Paste Into Selection>Select None
Do not apply drop shadows yet....we will do that when finished will all Template shapes

Open Paper 7 and Copy
This paper will be used for the Music Note, Small Stars and Rectangle

Repeat the above steps to place your Paper into these shapes

Now we'll place your tube close up into the squares

Click on the square and flood fill with an aqua color from the kit
(Use your Color Dropper to choose the correct color)

Go up to Selections>Select None>Float>Defloat>Modify>Expand by 3

Copy your tube and Paste As New Layer on your tag making sure it is above all the other layers in your LP

Use the marching ants on the square to guide you as to what part of the tube will be placed in your square - when you're happy with what is showing, go to your LP and right click on the tube layer and choose Promote Selection To Layer

Pull away your original tube and you'll see your poser part in your square

Selections>Select None

Go to your LP and move the Promoted Selection below the Square Border

Click on the Promoted Selection>go up to Layers>Properties>Luminance Legacy
Your close up now looks blue

Repeat these steps for the other square

Now add drop shadow to all shapes including all the borders

Go to your LP and Merge Visible

Open a transparent image sized at 750 x 750

Open Paper 3 and Copy

On your tag Select All>Paste Into Selection>Select None

Apply your Mask and Merge Group in your LP

Move the Group up toward the right hand upper side of your tag

Duplicate the Mask Group and move this to the lower left side of the tag

Copy your finished Template and place on your tag as shown - move a little to the top of the tag

Now add your elements and Poser Tube - refer to my tag as to which elements I used - you may want to use different ones!
Some elements needed to be resized - use your Deform Tool also if you need to

Add drop shadows as you go

Place the blue rings at the bottom of the tag - I flood filled the rings with the aqua blue I used before to make them look a little brighter

You will need to Erase some parts of the Poser so it doesn't show through the rings; you will have to Erase other parts also - we want the inside of the rings to be blank

Insert text using your favorite font - one by one write out the letters K i c k
and place each letter in a ring as shown

Write out the word Ass - use a different font; I used a Script one, and place as shown on the tag

Place your Copyright and name on the tag

I used the Eye Candy Gradient Glow on all the text and applied a drop shadow

Save as a png and you're done!!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial - and I appreciate any comments & suggestions

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