Friday, April 20, 2012


I had a blast making this tag - along with it I have also posted the template that I designed before actually putting it on a larger size transparent image - hence, a tag!

Tube of choice is by VeryMany and is available at Pics For Design HERE

Kit is called EMOlicious and is created by Alikas Scraps - it is also available at Pics For Design - you can also visit her blog HERE

This fabulous template #401 is by Missy and is available as a freebie at Divine Intentionz HERE

Mask 15 by Lynn HERE

Here is the design I made with Template - I designed this first as the size was smaller than what I wanted my tag to be.  Since it is in layers, I worked on this first.  After it was completed, I then Merged Visible and was able to copy and paste the whole thing onto a 750 x 750 transparent image to finish my tag.

First let's start with the Template - open it and Duplicate and close the original.
**Add your Drop Shadows as you go along**

I used Paper 04 (pink), Paper 17 (striped), and Paper 06 (blue)
You can see on the Template which paper I used for each Template shape

To apply your Paper to shapes, click on the shape itself - the large rectangle for example to paste the pink paper onto.

Open Paper 04 and Copy

With your large rectangle active, Select All>Float>Defloat>Add A New Raster Layer in your Layer Palette (LP) and Paste Into Selection>Select None

Repeat this step to add your Papers to your shapes

The black square in the front is where you will add a Gradient color.  Use your Color Picker and choose pink and aqua from your Template paper colors.  In your  Color Palette make it into a gradient.

Click on the black square, Select All>Float>Defloat>Add A New Raster Layer in your LP>Floodfill with your Gradient - leave the marching ants there

Go to Effects>Texture Effects>Blinds at setting of 3 width, 32 Opacity, and Color White

Open your tube, Copy and Paste as A New Image on your Template making sure the tube is above all other layers - you will see the marching ants under the tube - this will guide you as to what part of the tube you want to show.  

When you have place the tube where you want it and the section you want is within the marching ants, Right Click on the tube Layer in your LP and choose Promote Selection To Layer

Now pull away your full tube and Delete it

Select None to get rid of the marching ants

Click on the Promoted Selection, (your tube part) go up to Layers>Properties>Luminance Legacy

Now your tube in the square has a pretty pink and aqua glow to it!

On the black circles you will go to Effects>Texture Effects>Blinds and use the same settings as above, except you will now use the Color Grey

Add your elements as shown on mine - I used the circle frame and Deformed it a little and placed it behind the square.  You can see the elements I used; some had to be resized and do not be afraid to use the Deform tool!

When you are happy with the design of your template, right click in you LP and choose "Merge Visible"

Copy and Paste your designed Template onto a transparent image sized at 750 x 750

Apply your mask>Merge Group

Add your Elements as you wish or as I have on my tag

I add elements, decide where I want them, then drag the layers on the LP all over the place until I like what I see LOL

Add your copyright, your name, save as a png image and you are done!!!

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