Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Tube of choice is by Misticheskaya at PFD HERE
**You must have a license to use PFD art**

Kit "Dark Symphony" by Bibi's Collection is also available at PFD or
go to her blog HERE for other shops she sells in

Mask 128 by Laurie Made Me Scraps - download it from HERE

Font used is called Respective

No plugins used except for Eye Candy 5 Impact Gradient Glow for the text so
this is optional

I use PSP Version 8 - any Version will work

Open a transparent image 750 x 750

Open Paper 4 and Copy - on your tag Select All and Paste Into Selection the paper; Selections>Select None

Apply Mask 128 with Transparency UNchecked

In Layer Palette (LP) Merge Group

**You will want to re size elements smaller**
**Add Drop Shadows as you go**

Open Element 71 (ruffled window) and place to the right as shown

Re size and place your poser as shown

Open Element 8 (lace handkerchief) and place under poser

Element 51 (red lightning splash) was placed at bottom under poser as shown

Element 42 (open spell book) was placed on the right of poser

Element 31 (red hanging thing) was placed in center of window to hang down from the top of window

Open Fireplace Element 30 and place behind poser and under Spell Book

Open Element 14 (Instrument) re size and deform to look as if it is propped up and place under the spell book

Element 19 (wine glass) was placed on the left next to Poser

Open Element 7 (red fog) and place under poser but above any elements - move toward the bottom to look like a red mist - Duplicate it and move the copy a little to the right and over the fireplace as shown

Element 77 (poison bottle) is placed next to spell book

Open Element 58 (red dots) and place over mask and under all elements and move until you have it placed toward the left - if there are any of the dots showing on the transparency under the mask, Erase them - we only want them to show on the mask

Open Element 80 (blood splatter) and place this on the left of the tag and UNDER the mask so it shows through

Place your Copyright information and name and save as a PNG
(If you save as a jpg it will be merged and there will be no transparency)

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!!

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