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Tube of choice is by Zlata_M at Pics For Design HERE
**You must have a license to use PFD art**

PTU kit called "Awesome Sauce" by Alika's Designs also available at PFD or go to Alika's blog HERE

Template 40 by Scraps Dimensions HERE

Font used is called Simply Glamorous

You will need to use Animation Shop but no other plugins were used
(I used Eye Candy 5 Impact Gradient Glow for my text but this is optional)

I use PSP Version 8 so any version will work

City Craze

Open your template and resize down to 750 x 750 - duplicate and close the original

Add drop shadows as you go along

Refer to my tag to see the Papers I used on the template


Open your paper and Copy

On the template click on the shape you want to fill

Go up to Selections>Select All>Float>Defloat>Add New Raster Layer in your Layer Palette (LP)>Paste Into Selection>Selections>Select None

Repeat this step for all the papers.  I used Papers 06 and 11 on the text and rectangles; on the circles I used Paper 09

After filling the text with Paper 06, I moved that layer down a bit and used the underlying text layer as a highlight.  I flood filled this with an aqua color from the elements (use your color dropper to choose the correct color)


Resize and Copy your close up

Click on a circle layer and go to Selections>Select All>Float>Defloat

Paste As A New Layer your close up

Move it over the marching ants around your circle.  When you are happy with the placement, go to your LP and right click on the close up layer and choose Promote Selection To Layer

Move your close up away from the circle and delete your original close up

Go to Selections>Select None

With your Promoted Selection active go up to Layers>Properties>Luminance Legacy

Duplicate the close up and mirror it and place in the other circle

Open the Frame element as shown on my tag and Copy

Place the Frame around the circle using the same directions as pasting paper and make sure the frame is ABOVE your close up - Duplicate>Mirror to put frame on the other circle

I used my Color Dropper to flood fill the city buildings as shown

I used yellow for the doors and flood filled several windows on each building

Open the full sized tube and other elements you wish to use and resize and place on your tag

On the bottom layer in your LP, Add A New Raster Layer and flood fill this with white

Make a border if you wish by going to your LP and Add A New Raster Layer to the very TOP of your LP>flood fill with purple color, go to Selections>Select All>Modify>Contract by 5, hit the Delete key>Selections>Invert>Add Noise>add Drop Shadow; I use settings of -5 and -4, then go back and apply another Drop Shadow with settings of 5 and 4>Selections>Select None

Place your Copyright information and name on the tag


You will need to open Animation Shop (AS)

Click on the first building's yellow layer in your LP

Go up to Window>Duplicate and repeat so you now have 3 copies of your tag

Now add Noise to the yellow layer (Adjust>Add Noise)

Click on each building's yellow layer and repeat until you have added Noise to all 4 of them

Right click on your tag and Copy Merged>Paste As New Animation in AS

Back in PSP just Minimize your first copy; do not Delete in case you need to start over again!

Back in PSP you will repeat the above steps for your second and third tag copies

Second copy right click>Copy Merged and in AS go to Edit>Paste After Current Frame - repeat for the third copy of your tag

You now have 3 frames of your tag in AS - go to View Animation and if it looks good, Save it.  If you made a mistake, simply Delete the tags from AS and start over in PSP

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!!!  I welcome all comments & suggestions

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