Sunday, May 13, 2012


Tube of choice is by VeryMany at PFD HERE
You must have a license to use their art

PTU kit from Bibi called "Emolalasong" available also at PFD or go to her
blog for other stores HERE

Mask 131 from Vaybs HERE

Template by me - download it HERE
Saved in psp and psd format

I used Eye Candy 5 Impact Gradient Glow for the text but this is optional

Text used is called Moonlight Shadow

This tutorial is written by me and any similarity to other tutorials is coincidental and unintentional


Click on the template shape you want to place your paper or poser on

Go up to Selections>Select All>Float>Defloat>in Layer Palette (LP) Add A New Raster Layer

Copy the paper and on your tag right click and Paste Into Selection

Go up to Selections>Select None

**Some designers delete the original template shape layer; I do not just in case I change my mind - this is optional**


Click on the template shape you want to place the close up of your poser on

Go up to Selections>Select All>Float>Defloat>in LP Add A New Raster Layer

Copy your close up and Paste As New Layer - make sure your poser is at the very top of your LP

Drag your close up over the marching ants until you have it positioned where you want it

Once positioned, go to your LP and right click on the close up layer, select Promote Selection To Layer

Now pull away your original poser away from the template shape

Go up to Selections>Select None

Delete or cross out your original poser unless you are going to use it again

If you are filling another shape with your close up, such as I did on this tag, you can click on it and Duplicate>Image>Mirror

(Apply Drop Shadows as you go)

Open your template I provided and duplicate; close the original

Open Paper 3, copy

In your LP click on the very bottom layer, go up to Selections>Select All, Add A New Raster Layer in LP>Paste Into Selection>Select None

Apply Mask 131, Merge Group

Move the mask to the upper left corner as shown on mine, Duplicate and move the copy to the lower right corner as shown

With Paper 3 Copy and Paste it on to the Star shape using the directions described above - you will use those directions to insert all of your paper on to template

With this tube, included is a background of the poser - I used this to place onto the square using the above directions

I applied Noise to the square border

With this selected, go up to Layers>Properties>Normal at 65 to lighten it

Paste Paper 3 on the lower Rectangle and apply a bevel

Copy and Paste Paper 10 on the upper rectangle and apply a bevel

Make a gradient with pink and aqua colors from the Paper 3 - use your Dropper Tool to select the colors

Flood fill both circles with the gradient

Apply Noise to the circle borders

Place your poser close up on to the left circle using the directions I explained above - click on your close up, Duplicate then Image>Mirror making sure the copy is placed correctly on the right circle

You will have to drag the close ups in your LP under the star shape

On each close up go up to Layers>Properties>Luminance Legacy

Now go up to Effects>Texture Effects>Blinds with settings at
width 3, opacity at 32, color white

Copy and Paste your full poser and position as shown

Now open the elements you wish to use, resize and place them as shown

Apply your text, Copyright information, save as a png and you're finished!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial - I always welcome comments and suggestions

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