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Here is a Forum Set using Shalimar's new kit "Faded Hearts"
Kit is available on Pics For Design HERE or go to her blog HERE

Template used is Number 001 at Manipulated By Magik HERE

Font used is called Delinquente Alt Demo

**I will take requests for this set; please leave the name you want on it and include your email address so I can deliver it - leave request on this post**

MY Forum Set MY Forum Avatar

What you will need:

Grab your Template Set at Manipulated By Magik - link is above

Eye Candy 5 Textures Texture Noise



**I am giving directions for the banner; use the same animation technique for the Avatar**

Open the Templates for the Banner and Avatar>Duplicate and close the originals

Open Paper 18 and Copy

Click on the background of your Banner>Selections>Select All>Float>Defloat>Add A New Raster Layer>Paste (paper) Into Selection>Select None

 I then applied PSP Effects>Texture>Blinds at settings of Width 3 and Opacity 32, Horizontal and Light checked and color White

In your Layer Palette (LP) rename this layer "Background"

Duplicate the Background 3 times so you have a total of 4

In LP click on "Background" and go up to Eye Candy Textures>Texture Noise and apply these settings:
Smooth Lumps (in the drop down menu)
Seamless Tile checked

Click OK

In LP click on the next layer up titled "Copy Of Background"

Go back up to Effects, click on your Texture Noise and click the "Random Seed" button in Eye Candy - this will change the movement of the noise

Back on your LP click on "Copy 2 Of Background" and repeat the above step
Do the same for "Copy 3 Of Background" - clicking on the Random Seed for all 3 of your Background Layers

Now repeat the steps used to Paste your other Papers into the Template shapes;
I used Paper 8 for the red circles, border and stitching.  Apply the same Blinds Effect as you did on the Background on the red Circles

Open the Poser element and Copy>Paste onto your Banner>Duplicate>Mirror and add Drop Shadows

Open and resize the blue Lips elements and Paste onto the red circle

Open Frame element 12 and resize to 300 x 300>Paste and move down to where only the top of the Frame is showing in the middle of the Banner as shown on mine>Duplicate>Mirror>Add Drop Shadow

Open Frame element 11>resize to 300 x 300 and Paste in the middle above the red circle

**Make sure your Poser and Frames are UNDER the Banner Border**

Add your name - if you are going to make more than one, you can add your names to your animated Forum Set in Animation Shop


Open Animation Shop

In PSP, go to your LP and click the X on all 3 copies of your Background Layer leaving the original bottom Background open

Go to your tag and right click>Copy Merged>Paste As New Animation in AS

Back in PSP, click an X on the original Background Layer and UNcheck the next layer up which will be your Copy Of Background - Copy Merged on your tag and Paste After Current Frame in AS

The object is to Copy your Banner with 3 Background Layers closed and the next alternate Layer open

Go back to PSP and click an X on the next layer up, and UNcheck the layer you just used>Paste After Current Frame in AS - you will repeat these steps for all 4 layers until you have 4 frames of your Banner in AS

View Animation and Save!!

If you have any problems, questions, comments or suggestions, please do so!!

Please be aware that templates, masks, kits, etc. that I use will always have a link to them - but it is beyond my control if these products/freebies are no longer available by the site/blog owner.

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