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Tube is by VeryMany at Pics For Design HERE
**You must have a license to use PFD art**

Kit "Magic Sea" by Bibi's Collection - also available at PFD or go to her
blog HERE for other shops she sells in

Plugins needed are Eye Candy 5 Impact Glass
PSP's Balls and Bubbles Effect

MY Magic Sea


I first opened a transparent image sized 750 x 750

Using your Preset Shape choose Rounded Rectangle - in your Color Palette choose an Aqua blue on the top layer and transparent on the bottom layer - draw out a rectangle as shown on mine - Convert To A Raster Layer>Use your Magic Wand to select the Rectangle and go up to Eye Candy>Impact>Glass and apply the blue color glass

In your Layer Palette (LP) rename this layer "Aquarium" then add 4 New Raster Layers UNDER the Aquarium - name each new layer "Bubbles 1, Bubbles 2, etc. till you have 4 layers for your new Bubbles>Click Select None to get rid of your marching ants

Click on Bubbles 1 layer and go up to Effects>Artistic>Balls and Bubbles and use these settings:
Auto Multiple

Click OK

Go to your LP and click on Bubbles 2 layer and apply the same settings, only click on the Random Seed to uncheck, then check it again; wait a couple seconds for the bubbles to change position then click OK

Repeat this step for the next 2 Bubble Layers

Put your poser and elements as shown on mine or however you wish

I also applied Bubbles on the tag over the Clamshell - to do this you need to select your Freehand Selection tool and draw above the Clam a shape kind of like a crooked oval

Add 4 New Raster Layers and name these Bubbles 2-1, Bubbles 2-2, etc. till you have 4 Raster Layers

Repeat the same steps above to add your Bubbles inside the marching ants of the shape you just drew so you will have 4 layers total the same as your Aquarium Bubbles>Select None when you're done to get rid of the marching ants

I used Paper 6 for the background and added an Aqua Blue border on the tag

Add your Copyright, etc.


In your Layer Palette (LP) click an X to cross out Bubbles 2, 3, and 4 (leaving Bubbles 1 open) then go down to Bubbles 2-2, 2-3, and 2-4 and cross those out making Bubbles 2-1 active

On your tag right click and Copy Merged then Paste As New Animation in AS

Back in PSP close out Bubbles 1 and open Bubbles 2, go down and close Bubbles 2-1 and open Bubbles 2-2>Copy Merged and in AS Paste After Current Frame

In PSP again, do the same step above until you have copied your tag 4 times with alternate Bubble layers closed

In AS you will have 4 frames of your tag - click View Animation to make sure it looks good, then save!!!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial; I am always open to comments and suggestions and questions of course!!!!

Please be aware that templates, masks, kits, etc. that I use will always have a link to them - but it is beyond my control if these products/freebies are no longer available by the site/blog owner.

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