Sunday, June 3, 2012


Tube of choice is by Alex Prihodko at PFD HERE
**You must have a license to use PFD art**

A brand new DELIGHTFUL Spring-like kit called "Beautiful Blossoms"
by Shalimar (hence the name of the tag!) available at PFD also or you can go to her blog HERE

I've been using the Misted Mask a lot lately; I find it perfect for Spring and Summer tags as it gives it a more subtle feel - you can download the Misting Mask from me HERE

I also used Mask 2 by Brutal Designs HERE

I use PSP Version 8 so any version will work - this should be simple enough for the PSP Newbie!!


Open a transparent image sized 750 x 750

Open Paper 16 (green), Copy

On tag go to Selections>Select All>Paste Into Selection your Copy of Paper 16>Selections>Select None - keep the Paper open as you will use it again

Apply Mask 2 by Brutal Designs to the green Paper on your tag>Merge Group>Add Drop Shadow

Go back to your Paper 16 (green) that you opened from the kit file and resize it to 400 x 400 and apply my Misting Mask to it>Merge Group>Drop Shadow
We will get to this Misted paper in a minute

Open Paper 15 (pink) and resize to 600 x 600>Apply Misted Mask>Merge Group>Drop Shadow and Paste this on your tag ABOVE the first green mask layer

Going back to your Paper 16 green that you misted, Copy and Paste this on your tag ABOVE the pink Misted layer
**The reason I resize the Papers smaller than the tag itself is because when it is Misted it will show a dark edge around it; it will make your tag look "boxy" so resizing it smaller will prevent this**

Open your tube and Mirror then resize to 700 height>Copy and Paste As New Layer on your tag>Apply Misting Mask to tube>Merge Group>Duplicate this 2 times so there are 3 tube layers total>Add Drop Shadow

Move the green Misted Mask layer that is below her up a little so it is showing under her neck as shown on mine - make it look like a shadowy mist under her

Open the cloud element and Paste UNDER the green Misted Mask layer on the upper right of the tag>Duplicate>Mirror and move this one on the lower left of the tag as shown

I Misted the hummingbird, the yellow flower stalk and the grass - Copy then place on your tag as shown.

Open the fence, vine, pink and yellow flowers, bunny, green flower and geese elements and place as shown

You will need to erase any geese that are showing on the tube and also any element that may be showing through the poser - Zoom in on your tag to really see closely; I had to erase some of the flower stalk, green masks parts and cloud that was showing through on the tube.  I also flood fill the whole background black so I can see better, then Delete the black when I'm finished

Place your Copyright information and name on it

Save as a're done!!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial - I welcome any comments or suggestions

Please be aware that templates, masks, kits, etc. that I use will always have a link to them - but it is beyond my control if these products/freebies are no longer available by the site/blog owner.

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