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Tube of choice is by VeryMany and is available at Pics For Design HERE
**You must have a license to use PFD art**

PTU kit called "Summer At The Shore" is by Shalimar and is also available at PFD, or go to Shal's blog HERE

Mask 114 by Gemsmasks - I do not have a link for this; if anyone knows it please let me know!! 

My Misting Mask was used on certain elements; you can download it HERE

You will need to use Animation Shop (AS)

No additional plugins required; you will use PSP's Balls and Bubbles effect

MY Sweet Stuff

I use PSP Version 8, so any Version will work
You should have some working knowledge of PSP and AS - but should be simple enough for PSP Newbies


Open a transparent image sized at 750 x 750

Open Paper 17 (blue water) and apply the Misting Mask I supplied you; Merge Group, Copy and Paste onto your tag and place it in the lower left corner of the tag so that it looks like a misty water on a shore

Open Paper 8 (blue sky) Copy and Paste it on your tag as your background

Open Paper 9 (yellow sky) Copy and Paste this between your blue water and your blue background - apply a mask of your choice>Merge Group and move this layer around until you have it looking a part of the sky - see mine as a reference

Open the Sand elements from the kit and apply the Misting Mask to it; Copy and Paste it at the lower right hand side and UNDER your misted blue water

Resize and place the Lighthouse and the Cloud elements as shown on mine; make sure the Cloud is UNDER the Lighthouse

In your Layer Palette (LP) click on the Cloud layer and Add A New Raster Layer; name this layer Bubbles 1

Above that new layer, Add A New Raster Layer and name it Bubbles 2 - above that layer open another NEW Raster Layer and name it Bubbles 3
**You should have 3 layers total named Bubbles 1, 2, and 3 and make sure these 3 layers are ABOVE the Clouds and BELOW the Lighthouse**

Click on the Bubbles 1 layer in your LP - use your Freehand Selection Tool and draw a shape resembling a large teardrop on the left side of the tag starting at the middle of the water.  The shape does not have to be perfect in any way; this is what you're bubbles will be in.  Now press your Shift key and draw another teardrop on the right of the tag starting in the middle of the Lighthouse and going around the back of it - when the drawing is gone your bubbles will float up behind the Lighthouse as shown on mine.

Go to your LP and making sure layer Bubbles 1 is active, go up to Effects>Artistic Effects>Balls and Bubbles with the following settings:
Automatic Checked
Coverage 30
Average Size 0
Size Variation 80
Non-intersecting selected from drop down menu
Randomize checked

Click OK - this will put bubbles into both of your drawn selections

Now in your LP click on layer named Bubbles 2

Go up to Effects and use the Balls and Bubbles again, only this time click the Randomize box off, then on again - wait a couple seconds and you will see in the preview that the bubbles have moved around; this is what you want it to do!  Don't click OK until you see that the bubbles have changed position!

Back on your LP, repeat the above step with layer named Bubbles 3

Go up to Selections>Select None to get rid of your marching ants around the Bubbles you just made

Now back on your tag add your Tube (I resized mine at 700 height) and place it on the left of the tag as shown on mine

Open the Palm Tree element and use your Misting Mask>Merge Group, then Copy and Paste it on your tag making sure it is UNDER the Cloud and all 3 of the Bubbles layers

Open the Sun elements and mist it>Merge Group and Copy and Paste on the right upper side of the tag with only a little bit of the Sun showing - make sure it is UNDER all 3 of the Bubble layers

Open, resize and place your other elements as shown on mine or as you wish - have fun with the beach scene!!!

When you are done, place your Copyright information on it and we will get ready to animate!!!


Open Animation Shop (AS)

In PSP, go to your LP and X out layers Bubbles 2 and Bubbles 3 - you want to only have your first Bubble layer open.  Right click on the tag and Copy Merged>Paste As New Animation in AS

Back in PSP you will now X out Bubbles 1 and Bubbles 3, keeping Bubbles 2 open>again, Copy Merged and Paste After Current Frame in AS

Back in PSP X out Bubbles 1 and Bubbles 2 leaving Bubbles 3 open>Copy Merged and Paste After Current Frame in AS

You now have 3 frames total of your tag in AS - View Animation to see how it looks!  If it's to your liking, save it; if not, you can always go back to PSP and repeat the steps.

Please be aware that templates, masks, kits, etc. that I use will always have a link to them - but it is beyond my control if these products/freebies are no longer available by the site/blog owner.

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