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This beautiful tube "Wings Of Love" is by Angelica Sellers at SATC
**You must have a license to use SATC art"

The kit by the same name is by Amy Marie and is also available at SATC

Purchase both kit and tube at

Template #77 is a freebie and you can grab it at

Honestly I did not realize how intricate this tag was going to be...I planned on this being a tutorial; a simple one, but it did not turn out to be so simple!  I will do my best to attempt making this tut as easy to follow as I can.  While it really was not difficult to make, the few special effects I added turned out to be more than I expected and unfortunately I did not place all the elements in strict order; I decided to play around with it more than usual!  I hope you can make use of the tut!!

I use PSP Version 8 so any version will work

I used Eye Candy Impact>Gradient Glow for the text

Font used is called Scriptina Pro


Open Template #77, duplicate and close the original; then delete credits, text, and the arrows.

I used Papers 2, 7 and 8 to fill the template shapes.  Open and Copy the paper you wish to use.  To Paste paper into the shapes, click on shape you want to fill, go to Selections>Select All>Float>Defloat>Add A Raster Layer (in your Layer Palette)>right click and Paste Into Selection>Selections>Select None.  

Drop Shadows were added to all shapes and elements EXCEPT for the large circle; this is the shape your tube close up will be added to

Repeat the above step to insert all your papers into the shapes.

Now open the tube that is NOT misted.  Copy.  Now select the large circle>Selections>Float>Defloat>Add A Raster Paste your tube onto the tag and re-position it so her face is within the marching ants as shown on mine.  When you're happy with the position of the face, go to your Layer Palette and right click on the tube layer>choose "Promote Selection To Layer">Selections>Select None.  Now in your Layer Palette delete the original tube layer.  You should see her face on the circle.  Duplicate the tube face.  On the first original face layer go up to Adjust>Blur>Gaussian Blur at a setting of 2.00.  Now click on the copy layer of the face, go up to Layer>Properties>Normal at setting of 58.  
Use the same steps as above to place Element 74 (Star Spray) OVER the tube close up.  I then went to Layers>Properties and selected Normal at about 40 to lighten the Star Spray a bit.  Do not forget to Select None to get rid of your marching ants

Open the Piano element, resize at 250 width and place on the right as shown in mine.  Don't be afraid to Deform if it's not quite the size you want it to be.

Element 107 (Moon) was pasted behind the circle and re-positioned so that part of the Moon is partially over the black rectangle.  Duplicate the Moon so it appears to be slightly brighter.

Element 111 (Cloudy Mist) is pasted UNDER the Moon; position to the right as shown.

Element 80 (Pink Rainbow Spray) is pasted under the layer "Circle Back"

Element 98 (Light Ray) is placed on the right side of the tag to cover the Piano

Element 76 (Dove) was resized to 100 width and placed ABOVE the top of the Light Ray

Element 54 (Flower Spray) was resized to 50 Height and placed at the Dove's mouth, then I used the Deform tool to angle it slightly

Open the Misted Angel Tube and resize to 600 Height, Copy and Paste ABOVE the Piano and Light Ray.  Duplicate the tube to make it slightly brighter

I used Flowers Elements 41 and 42, I resized to 75 Width and placed randomly as shown on my tag.  Duplicate and Mirror the flowers you wish to have on the other side of the tag.  I also used Ribbon Element 101 and placed under the Flowers and Leaves

Element 30 (Leaves) was resized to 100 Width and pasted UNDER the flowers; again, Duplicate and Mirror to place on other side of tag and erase any stems that may show under the Flowers

Element 112 (Pink Feather) is placed UNDER the "Circle Back" layer at the bottom left of the tag as shown; use your Deform Tool to angle it as shown.
Duplicate and use Deform Tool to place it under the large circle--you want it to "drape" around the top of the circle

Re-open Element 111 (Cloudy Mist)>Go up to Image>Rotate 90 degrees clockwise and Copy and Paste ABOVE the Misted Tube at the bottom of her gown to give the effect of a beautiful mist at her feet 

Element 47 (Hearts & Bubbles) is placed on the top left side of the tag BELOW the tag but ABOVE the "Mask" layer...Duplicate>Mirror so it is also on the right side of the tag

Element 84 (Glitter Spray) is Pasted on the bottom left side of the tag BELOW the tag but ABOVE the "Mask" layer...Duplicate>Mirror and re-position this one up on the right side just a tiny bit (see my tag for reference)

In the Layer Palette, I Duplicated the "Mask" layer 2 times so it would show slightly darker..this is optional

On your tag click on the "Black Rectangle" layer and Erase any excess that is showing under the Piano and Tube

Finally Element 93 (Star) is placed on the heart so it shows slightly over the Misted Tube

Put your Copyright information and names, etc. on the tag
**I like to use Eye Candy 5 Impact Gradient Glow with a Drop Shadow for my text - especially Copyright information so it will show up on any background**

Save in png format

Sheesh!!!  I apologize if this tutorial is somewhat confusing...I try to make them very simple.  If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask!!

Please be aware that templates, masks, kits, etc. that I use will always have a link to them - but it is beyond my control if these products/freebies are no longer available by the site/blog owner.

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