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Tube is called "Black Rose" and is by artist Alex Prihodko at PFD
**You must have a license to use PFD art**

Kit "Strawberry Dreams" by Amy Marie also available at PFD

Purchase both tube and kit at Pics For Design HERE

Animation 295 is by Simone at Scrappy Bit Of Fun HERE
(Animation set is 291-295)


PSP - I use Version 8 so any version will work

Plugin Alien Skin Xenofex 2 "Crumble"

Go to Simone's blog to find the animated bugs and other wonderful and unique animations...please be sure to leave some love for her too!!

A working knowledge of PSP; I have written this tutorial with the PSP Newbie in mind and hopefully this will be easy enough!!!


Open a new transparent image sized at 700 x 700

Selections>Select All

Open Paper 11 from the kit and Copy

Paste Into Selection in your transparent image

Go to Plugin Alien Skin Xenofex 2 and select "Crumble"
I used the default settings to give a pretty crumbled effect to the paper

Selections>Select None


This is your background!!

Open your tube, Duplicate and close the original - resize as needed

Open all the elements as shown on my tag, resize as desired and place on your tag as shown; apply drop shadows to tube and all elements

After you have arranged everything and you love it, place your Copyright information on the tag

If you are going to make just one tag with your name on it, do the name text now.  If you want to make several tags with different names, do those names now also; you will hide these name layers in a few minutes when you prepare your tag for animation

Make a border around your tag by adding a New Raster Layer at the very top of your Layer Palette (LP)

Choose a red color from your tag with your Dropper

Flood fill your entire tag with the red and make sure the New Raster Layer is active in your LP

Selections>Select All>Modify by 10>Hit DELETE key>Selections>Invert>Go to Effects>3D Effects>Inner Bevel>Drop Shadow>Selections>Select None

Now since the animation will be placed between tag layers, we have to Merge the layers together that will be UNDER the animation, and Merge the layers together ABOVE the animation.  For newbies, this sounds difficult at first, but it really is quite a simple step once you get used to let's get started!!!


Open Animation Shop

Back in PSP, let's Merge some layers together!

The animation is placed UNDER the Bird Bath and ABOVE the flowers located behind the Bird Bath

In your LP, click the eye on any Name Text layers you made - you will place your names on the tag last.  Clicking the eye next to any layers will hide these layers until you are ready to make them visible again

In your LP, click the eye on all layers that are UNDER the Bird Bath layer, including the background

Now in your LP right click on any layer that is NOT hidden and choose Merge Visible (You should now have your Name on the LP hidden, and also all layers below the bird bath hidden, and one layer that says Merged - rename this BELOW BIRD BATH so you don't get mixed up

Click on the BELOW BIRD BATH layer in the LP to make it active

Go to your tag and right click and choose Copy, then Paste As New Animation in Animation Shop (AS)

Open the animation in AS - you will see it has 31 frames -- you now need to make 31 frames of your tag  

Making sure your tag is active, go up to Edit>Duplicate; repeat this 5 times until you have 17 frames total of your tag (number of frames will show at the bottom right of the screen)

Go back to Edit>Paste Before Animation until you have a total of 31 frames
I know, this step seems endless, but at least it's easy..LOL!!
Once you have 31 frames of your tag, make sure the scroll bar at the bottom of the tag is all the way to the left (indicating you are on the first frame) - go up to Edit>Select All>Edit>Propogate Paste
Go to the animation and again, make sure the scroll bar is all the way to the left, go up to Edit>Select All
Using your mouse drag the first frame of the animation to the selected area of your tag....if you mess up, just undo and start over.  Once the animation is on your tag where you want it to be placed, let go of the mouse.  Go up to Animation>View Animation and if you're happy with it, go back to PSP so we can repeat the steps above to place the top part of your tag onto your animated tag in AS
In PSP click the eye on the merged BELOW BIRD BATH layer and uncheck the other layers of the top part of the tag except for your name text (unless you are only making one tag with just one name, then you can uncheck that layer to merge together)
Right click on one of the open layers in LP and choose "Merge Visible" and rename this ABOVE BIRD BATH - making sure that layer is active, copy and Paste As New Animation in AS
Again you want to make 31 frames of this repeating the previous steps
Again you want to Select All
Go to the bottom part of your tag, Edit>Select All>Propogate Paste
Using your mouse drag the first frame of the upper part of the tag onto the animated bottom tag
View Animation and if it's good you can now repeat the above steps to place your name texts on the tag
Save in GIF form, and you're done!!
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial - if you have any suggestions to make my tuts easier, please drop me a message!

Please be aware that templates, masks, kits, etc. that I use will always have a link to them - but it is beyond my control if these products/freebies are no longer available by the site/blog owner.

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