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I decided to do a tutorial at the last minute while making this tag, so I will just give a mini tut on the animation of the tag.

I use PSP Version 8 and you will need to open Animation Shop

Tube of choice is by Misticheskaya at Pics For Design HERE
**You must have a license to use PFD art**
Kit is called "Spring In Paris" by Sonia - purchase it from PFD at the above link
or go to her shop Graphics Of Fantasy HERE

Template is by Missy and you can snag a whole bunch of great templates at her blog DivineIntentionz HERE

The animation is #03 Kaplow! by Simone
She has great animations free to use - go to her blog HERE

It's been a long while since I have written a tutorial, so please bear with me on this -- if you have any questions or anything is unclear to you, please don't hesitate to contact me and ask...!!!


In PSP resize and place your tube and all your elements and papers as you wish. 
Be sure and place your Copyright information and name on the tag.

I wanted to use the Animation Kaplow! in between layers.  I decided to place it behind the Birdbath Element, which in my Layer Palette was layer 30.

In the PSP Layer Palette (LP), I checked (on the eyeball) all of the layers from the Birdbath and above.  In other words, Layers 30 and all of the layers ABOVE that would be checked off and NOT VISIBLE in the tag.  To avoid confusion we will call this the LOWER PART OF THE TAG   (I did this so that I can place the animation in between layers in Animation Shop) -- after checking all the layers in your LP, you will now want to right click in your LP and Merge Visible.


With the Merged Layer highlighted, Copy then Paste As New Animation in AS

Open the animation in AS - you will see there are 15 Frames in this particular animation, so you want to make that many Frames of your tag.  To do this, go up to Edit>Duplicate Selected 4 times until you have 9 Frames of your tag, then Edit>Select None, Edit>Paste After Current Frame until you have 15 Frames total of your tag.

Now with your tag active and ON THE FIRST FRAME, go up to Edit>Select All>Edit>Propogate Paste

Make the animation active, MAKING SURE YOU ARE ON THE FIRST FRAME go up to Edit>Select All

Now put your mouse in the first Frame of the Animation and drag onto the first Frame of your tag and carefully place it where you wish.  If you make a mistake, it's OK, just click Undo and start over.

After you have the animation placed where you want on the tag, go up to View>Animation so you can view the animation.  If it's good, we will now go back to PSP to get the rest of your tag!  If you don't like it, just click Undo and start over.

Back in PSP, check the Merged Layer in your LP so it is NOT visible.  Now you will UNcheck the other layers you previously had hidden.

In your LP right click and Merge Visible.  The previous Merged layer (the one you just placed in AS and called THE LOWER PART OF THE TAG) should now be INVISIBLE!

Making sure your new Merged layer is active, copy your tag and in AS Paste As New Animation - we will call this part of the tag THE UPPER PART OF THE TAG to avoid confusion..I know, it is confusing anyway, but bear with me!!

In AS you want to duplicate the UPPER PART OF THE TAG the same as you did the LOWER PART OF THE TAG - just repeat the above steps to make 15 Frames of the UPPER PART

After you have 15 Frames of the UPPER PART OF YOUR TAG, again you want to make sure you are on the first Frame of the tag, go up to Edit>Select All>Edit>Propogate Paste

Now you want the UPPER part of the tag to Merge onto the LOWER part of the tag - making sure you are on the first Frame of the UPPER tag, drag it carefully onto the LOWER tag.  If you mess up, it's alright, just click Undo and repeat!

View your animation - save it as a GIF and you're done!!

Please be aware that templates, masks, kits, etc. that I use will always have a link to them - but it is beyond my control if these products/freebies are no longer available by the site/blog owner.

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