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Tube by VeryMany at his shop HERE
**You must have a license to use VM art**

Kit is called "Simply Elegant" - it's a unique kit with beautiful elements and papers all in a subtle off white color.  You can purchase this at SweetPinUp HERE and it's by MellieBeans

I used a mask that I have no idea whose it is -- you can easily replace your own mask to make this tag

Font used is called Champignon

You will need a plugin called Virtual Painter/Pastel - it's free for PSP

I also used Eye Candy 5 Impact Gradient Glow for the text

This is my first full tutorial in a while - I hope I don't mess this up so please bear with me!!!

I use PSP Version 8 so any version will work

Use your own mask since I didn't have credits for the one I used - you can get lots of great freebie masks at Designs By Vaybs HERE

Without repeating myself through the tut, apply Drop Shadows to all elements and you will need to re-size the elements smaller as you place them on your tag.  I wasn't planning on writing a tutorial so I didn't mark down how much I re-sized.


Open a transparent image sized at 700 x 700

Open Paper 3 and go to your Plugin Virtual Painter/Pastel - use these settings for this paper and other elements that I slightly recolored:
Size - Screen
Material - Intense
Rendering - Subtle
Colors - Subtle
Deformation - Subtle
Focus - Normal

After applying the Plugin, Copy and close the original Paper

On your tag Selections>Select All and Paste Into Selection your Paper>Selections>Select None

Open Paper 5 and apply your mask>Merge Group

Open Element 46 Sparkles and re-size to 500>Paste onto your tag - DO NOT APPLY DROP SHADOW TO THE SPARKLES - this is what we are going to animate.  You do however will want to go to your Layer Palette (LP) and rename this layer to SPARKLE so you won't get confused when we animate later!!

Open your tube and re-size to a 650 height and place on your tag

When you place the French Doors behind the tube you will want to use your Eraser Tool to erase any Mask, Sparkles and Net that are showing through the window

Open all of your other elements and place on tag as shown on mine

I used the Virtual Painter>Pastel on the following elements with the same settings as shown above:

When putting the leaves and flowers on your tag and AFTER adding the Drop Shadow, Duplicate each element twice - they "stand out" when Duplicated!!

After placing all your elements, open Paper 14 - we will use this one as a border

Copy>Close the original>got to your LP and Add A New Raster Layer ABOVE all other layers>Selections>Select All>Paste the Paper Into Selection>hit DELETE on your keyboard>Selections>Modify>Contract by 10>Selections>Invert>Apply a Drop Shadow>Selections>Select None -- you now have a border on your tag

Put your Copyright information on the tag

If you plan on making only tag, place your name on it -- if you plan on making more than one with different names, don't put any names on it yet!!


Open Animation Shop

In PSP and in your LP make sure your layer named SPARKLES is active

Go up to Window>Duplicate 2 times so you have 3 copies of your tag total

On the first copy go up to Adjust>Add Remove Noise>Add Noise

After applying your Noise you will Copy Merged>Paste As New Animation in AS

Back in PSP minimize the first copy and on your second copy apply Noise to the SPARKLES>Copy Merged>go to AS>Edit>Paste BEFORE Current Frame

Go back to PSP, minimize the second copy and repeat the above on the third tag

Now in AS you have 3 copies of your tag 

Go up to View>Animation and see what your finished tag looks like - if it's good, save it and you're done!!  If you made any kind of mistake, don't freak out because you can undo it and repeat!


Make sure your finished animated tag is still up in AS with the scroll bar at the bottom of the tag all the way to the LEFT - this is important

Back in PSP write your name on a copy of your tag and make sure you know where you want to place it so you don't get confused in AS

After writing the name, Copy>Paste As New Animation in AS

Go up to Edit>Duplicate Selected>Edit>Duplicate Selected - you now have 3 copies of the name

Make sure the scroll bar on the bottom of the name is all the way to the LEFT

Go up to Edit>Select All

Select your tag that is already done in AS and go up to Edit>Select All>Edit>Propogate Paste

Go to your name and with your mouse carefully pull the name onto your tag

You will see that the name has disappeared from that box and is now on all 3 frames of your tag

Go up to View>Animation to make sure all is good - save

To add another name, simply UNDO in AS (using the Undo arrow) and the name you just placed will be gone and you can repeat the process for your other names

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial - happy PSP'ing!!

Please be aware that templates, masks, kits, etc. that I use will always have a link to them - but it is beyond my control if these products/freebies are no longer available by the site/blog owner.

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