Monday, June 2, 2014


Tube is called "Julie" by VeryMany
Grab the tube HERE at VeryManyTubes
**You must have a license to use VeryMany art**

Kit is called "Magical Butterfly by Graphics Of Fantasy
It's LOADED with 178 elements, 9 frames and 13 papers!
You can purchase it at Sonia's shop HERE OR at PFD HERE

Mask 89 by Vaybs and you can get it as a freebie HERE

Font used is called Fontdinerdotcom Sparkle

To make the effects with the mask behind the elements of the tag, I flood filled the background with a purple color, applied the mask, Merged Group and scooted it to the right.  I then added a new Raster Layer and flood filled with an aqua color, applied the mask, Merged Group and moved it to the left a little, OVER the purple.  I added another Raster Layer and repeated the above steps using a dark green from the Frame - I moved it to the bottom UNDER the elements, Duplicated and moved that to the left UNDER the frame - I then used the Eraser tool to erase any masks BEHIND the Frame.  Use your Color Picker to select the colors from your tag elements.  No other effects were used.

Please be aware that templates, masks, kits, etc. that I use will always have a link to them - but it is beyond my control if these products/freebies are no longer available by the site/blog owner.

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